EIGERlab’s Roundtables have been created specifically for Rockford area, private company should it read privately-held, company owners and is based on the knowledge that leaders can learn valuable lessons from sharing experiences with each other.

EIGERlab’s Roundtables are in the following areas:

Advanced Manufacturing | JIAC

The collaborative proposes to establish the Rockford Area Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (RAAMA) to create a regional forum to accelerate the region’s small and medium-sized manufacturers in the use of innovation engineering and advanced manufacturing techniques. NIU’s College of Engineering and Engineering Technology, NIU’s College of Business, Rock Valley College, EIGERlab, and IMEC propose to offer individualized support solutions to Rockford area small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to enhance their capabilities in advanced manufacturing and marketing of products and services utilizing advanced manufacturing processes. In addition, the collaborative proposes to create the Rockford Area Advanced Manufacturing Institute (RAAMI) to develop industry credential-based training to develop the workforce needed to develop advanced manufacturing innovations. Click here to learn more (RAEDC?).

Aerospace | RAAN

The Rockford market will support additional aerospace companies, has an excellent presence of major tier-one suppliers and highly skilled manufacturing capabilities. The Rockford region’s sustained population growth, the proximity to colleges/universities, and industry training programs ensures a robust supply of labor to support this growing industry. Click here to learn more (RAEDC?). RAEDC’s “Flying High in Rockford” flyer (somewhat outdated, mentioned 2009 in Recent Announcements)



Minority Business Owners (NIMCA)

Rockford Area Economic Development Council | Business Retention & Expansion Solutions Team ADVOCATE FOR A ROBUST ENTREPRENEURIAL ENVIRONMENT Tactics: EIGERlab Promotion, Minority Business Development, Support Network Development/Involvement (CTeam).